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Friday, October 22, 2010

The aftermath

Got home at just after 9h30pm.The evening was great!!!Leading up to the event was another story at the event shoo more drama..Well it all went down like this.Left work 1/2 hr early(thanks to the boss),got home and had sufficient time to bath,change and do hair.I only had three things to do and was happy.Bath,and the drama begins,changed outfits three times till eventually settled on the one I always knew I would wear.Had some help from honey deciding and he always helps make the right choice.Fine outfit soughted and changed then hair time.Decided to make a curly look.Started then my ghd packs up,well not packs up but one of the plate shifts out positon and I can't continue.Thinking how I'm gonna kill Brittany when I see her cause she has probably done something to it.Change of plans,decide I'm gonna crimp my hair(never tried the crimping iron on my hair before) it was a disaster.Took out my old hair iron,straightened everything again and tried to curl it again.Didn't come out all that bad but time was running out and didn't have time to curl it the way I wanted.Shooo,stress was hitting in by now,couldn't find my lip gloss(brittany again I guess).Anyway just went as is and hoped it was full enough for no one to take notice of me.Well go there and first thing my boss(Jowey)is there as we walk in and takes photos of us.The photos came out fine though.The place was absolutely stunning.The whole evening was great.Time for the car give away.All the contestants were handed they numbers in the order in which they would all choose a key to try the door of the car.It was nerve wrecking just watching that part.Then they down to the last two contestants out of 30.So it was gonna be obvious,if number 29 didn't fit it was definitely gonna be won by number 30.OOOOOO MMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY WWWWOOOOORRRRRRD(omw),number 29 doesn't fit and number 30 is so excited cause she thinks she won,her husband comes running from their table excited cause she won and when she puts her key in ...wait for it....her key doesn't fit......
I thought there'd be a riot from the other contestants,but all was agreed upon to start all over again.Hubby and I couldn't bear watching that stress again and were getting tired by now and decided to go home.Shooo what drama.Heard the next day that after the re do another man won it,he was number 7 or so.Apparently the contestants weren't turning their keys properly in the car door.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tonight is the annual Supersave car giveaway event.Its a bollywood theme.Gosh I am so stressed you'll think I 'm going to a wedding.Its seems to be a lardy dar fuction and everyone is gonna look their best I guess.I first had a problem to get one outfit,now I have three and can't decide.I always knew choice was no good.I actually feel my head pounding all of a sudden cause lots of ideas are flowing trying to think which outfit is gonna match which shoes and which bag.I think sometimes I make life difficult for myself.I should just choose anyone and wear the darn thing.They all gorgeous after all.Scared to wear the first one I got though,it shows alot of skin.Well I'll leave the choice to my honey,he is sure to make the perfect choice for me,I know.So from this second on.I quit thinking about outfits and tonight.Oh shucks,I need a hair style,no I'm not stressing about that,ghd curls it is.perfect!Will let u know how the night went and which outfit I wore,hopefully I'll get to post a picture!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The results of a spanking

Well yesterday after work,it seems I have a new daughter some how.Looks like the spanking paid off.As heartsore as it is so it really is for the best.Next is my son,he is the spoilt one cause he is still younger.I think the smaller ones know this and take advantage of that fact.The older ones think you taking sides with the smaller one and yet they don't understand that as the bigger one just walk away.But no that is absolute nonsense I just said,if the smaller is of age to understand right from wrong then to hell with it,take the side that is right whether its the older or the younger and don't be fooled by the smaller ones puppy face.Well at least hubby got my back there cause he doesn't find it hard to discipline him at all.So I guess we got each others backs.Its good when as parents you work together to discipline and grow your children up the right way.Well done to us!!lets just pray these kids let us spend more time loving them than disciplining

..and the story begins

well as I sd earlier,my daughter started my day off on a bad note.Shane(husband) was scolding her for some reason and I  hurried to her bedroom to see what the fuss was bout.Well cut my legs and call me shorter for yet again she was wearing her 8 yr old brothers soccer shorts.I swear we've told her a gazillion times not to wear them but she neva listens.Which part of she is 14 and he is 8,and she is ruining his stuff doesn't she understand.Well I think this time it took Shane over the edge and I get it now,I think he's actually scared to hit her cause he might not do it the right way.But this was one time I couldn't,I just couldn't stand and do nothing.I went into a trance,walked to my closet and the first leather belt I saw,thats the one I chose to go with to her room.I walked pass Shane,when he saw the belt he left the room and I closed the door behind me.I promise you,I just let go.I gave her all over her bums and thighs.Not sure if she will learn from this but at least I let that part of my anger subside.I've been holding it in for too long.Its sad to say but I am happy she finally got it.Now I know what I put my poor mother through and one day she'll probably feel it as well.I guess its the cycle of parenthood.Well I know its the right thing to do cause I don't feel guilty at all as if I done the wrong thing and the bible tells us to not spare the rod and spoil the child cause we will have bigger problems later.I love my kids with all my heart and hate to have to punish them cause my heart really gets sore but I guess you have to be cruel to be kind.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The craze is on

As I woke this morning,my first thought as I lay in bed was -What can I post on my blog today?I was so excited to know that I had a new thrill in my life that could occuppy my time.What was I gonna write about I actually didn't know but just couldn't wait to start.But anyway my teenage daughter didn't make it hard for me.She just doesn't listen.Was I like that?Will tell you about the story in a bit...Get your popcorn ready so long!

Feeling the addiction!

Well I feel addicted already.Not sure how long to wait before I post more stuff but I feel like I want to do nothing else at the moment but post stuff.Not even sure what I have to say.This is the way its normally starts out for me though.Find something that interests me and abuse it for a while then the craze wears off at some stage.Its amazing I'm married for 11yrs and have two kids.Who would have thought I'd hold onto that for so long.Well I guess boredom can't get in the way of certain things.I guess I have one hell of a family that knows how to keep me entertained

what led to blogging

This is so interesting,I was lead to blogging by boredom.Not knowing what to do with myself and decided to just google odd stuff and came across blogging.Didn't have the slightest clue(not even now) as to how to blog or what it meant for that matter.Already seems like fun and starting to enjoy this new venture.I get bored very easily and need a new challenge in my life all the time so I hope this lasts a while.Anyone out there started out this way let me know how far you've gotten.Vogue